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Marc Chagall behind the factories WILL formed in 1945 as a State-owned company producing gloves and thick knitted products. Since the beginning of its existence, plants to invest in development, gradually increasing machine park and assortment of dramatically into the deep. With increasing experience in knitting industry in the year 1951 the factory began producing pończoszniczą. At the end of the 1980s. Will there on the market and began to gradually raise the German market and the French.In the early 1990s. the rapid development of the market and consumer requirements prompted the company to expand its offer with new products: socks and a wider range of tights. During the same period, there has been a computerisation of production processes. Thanks to new opportunities, which produce new machines, cotton production of pantyhose with outwardly patterns. In 2001, the next step in expanding trade deals was the production of a new range of running socks and tights for children Terry type.The latest chapter in the 65-year history of the will is the year 2005, when the company was privatized and as Will Sp. z o. o. entered into the composition of the group, the owner of FERAX m. others. Gatta. The new owners have invested in the company, making it a modern, technologically advanced, with rich modern machine park, with the most modern yarn farbiarnią in Europe. Thanks to these changes, a thorough modernisation of the Will is currently a leading position on the Polish market in the production and sale of pantyhose and cotton socks.Well also develops export. Products are sent out to most European countries.Currently, the production company that Will offer hosiery for both children and adults: socks, tights and pants. All are made of natural and synthetic raw materials quality, eco-friendly baby"s skin. Confirmation of good quality products are obtained certificates: "safe for babies" and "child-safe" and Eko-tex, that their high standards for quality products. Tights and socks are durable, WILL the noble to the touch and, above all, comfortable to wear. Its additional advantage is an interesting way of design for the latest trends in fashion.WILL is also won numerous awards granted to m. others. very good quality, innovation. In the 2009 received after the second time, Laurel joined the Business Gazelles, it was also the quality of the year and European Standard.The prizes are all the more valuable for the company that are awarded on the basis of surveys of customers, through an independent chapter. They are proof that the brand will have stable position on the market and is developing in the right direction.