Wade and Belle

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Wade + Belle was launched by two sisters who were tired of wearing tights that were, simply put, too tight. The skinny, tight elastic band that cuts off your mid-section was always creating, for lack of a better term, a small “muffin-top” where one didn’t previously exist.

The sisters were living in New York City together where tights were a daily staple for their corporate jobs. Ever resourceful, older sister Ilissa began cutting the elastic off the top of her tights to avoid the digging and pinching (which occurs whether you are a size 2 or a size 18). Dori, always following the lead of her (usually) wiser and older sister followed in suite. One fateful Thanksgiving dinner, she ended up cutting off too much elastic and was left yanking up her tights all night.

That’s when they realized that instead of cutting their tights (resulting in ugly, frayed tops), they should simply create a better pair. And with that, Wade + Belle’s Not Too Tights was born. They developed a patent-pending waist-band that was thicker and looser than most -- Not Too Tights lay flawlessly flat underneath whatever you are wearing.