Vixen  Logo
Vixen are about celebrating and bringing women's bodies to the centre stage. To that aim, they employ a wide range of detailed and devious tactics and visual magic. There are several very subtle and detailed ones right here. It starts with the narrow seam on the heel, pushing and pulling and stretching the eye up the leg. The little arrowhead at the top of the seductive seam catapults your eyes up the rest of your body, highlighting your shape along the way. Then, the serrated, darkened briefs, their new fashion tights design, draws the gaze much better than other designs. Farrah is her name and she's full of dark magic!Founded in 1997 by Allan and Ann Falconer, Legwear International is now an established major supplier of branded hosiery. Housing four key brands, Couture, Silky, Joanna Gray and Cindy with a number of sub-brands, Legwear International prides itself in being able to offering a wide range of hosiery for ladies and children.