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Namyoung Vivian Co., Ltd. is a leading company specialized in lingerie in Korea. Since its founding, we
have been developing lingerie for women to be more beautiful and confident based on
are continuing our education and investment to improve our product development capabilities. We are launching a variety of products that accurately reflect the trends and needs of
our brands and
through every consumer survey
With these efforts, we were able to showcase a variety of advanced products with the title of 'First in Korea'.

Namyoung Vivian's representative brand is Vivienne, which is sold through department stores and Vivian stores
nationwide. In addition to Vivian, we operate a variety of brands and provide products and services tailored to consumers.
In addition, Namyoung Vivian continues to contribute to society. The
scholarship foundation, which was established at the beginning of the foundation, provides a scholarship twice a year to excellent students and the poor through the Foundation's Yeonam Scholarship Foundation. At the
end of the year, a campaign to donate maternity underwear and underwear to unmarried mothers We are expanding.