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Viola Calzificio SpA manufactures ladies’ and girls’ tights, stockings and socks and exports them to countries all over the world.

The company premises - the International Women's Hosiery Centre - are located in Acquafredda, 5km from Castel Goffredo on the border between Brescia and Mantova, with around 100 high-tech machines for manufacturing hosiery (production capacity is between 500,000 and 1,200,000 pairs per month), a sewing department for control of merchandise quality and quantity, and a packing department for finished products, as well as a large showroom and technical, administrative and commercial offices.

The entire manufacturing process is carried out in our own production units, which means our products are 100% Made in Italy, with ongoing supply chain management which we monitor at every stage.

The company designs and releases two principle collections each year in spring and winter, reflecting current fashions and seasonal trends, and also responds to specific requests from buyers for special, exclusive items. Viola Calzificio conforms to all Oeko-Tex Standard 100 specifications (consistent with EN 45014) for items produced in different colours, in accordance with European legislation on the use of dyes.

The company also remains constantly abreast of national and international regulations concerning the use of chemicals, in the awareness that creating a "good product" involves, if not demands, responsibility for the materials that are consumed in the process.

Sustainability is key for the future, and the company has taken up the challenge by ensuring sustainability in every phase of our daily manufacturing process.

Our products are aimed at an increasingly alert, exacting and meticulous clientele on the global market, demanding Made in Italy products that conform to a range of criteria which our items fully reflect: quality, style, appearance, flexibility, originality and detail.

Viola Calzificio supplies major European and international importers and appears on commercial web platforms for specialist clothing chains and department stores.