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Veera is a unique tights, knee socks and stockings with graduated compression. They improve circulation and perfectly shape the legs. Every day they care about the health and beauty of your legs. There is no magic in it. This is a product of the 21st century. Its quality and effectiveness has been repeatedly confirmed through consumer awards and clinical trials. Veera compression products, thanks to their properties, give the lightest of even the most tired legs. They provide quick and effective relief for the first signs of weakened circulation, such as swelling, leg fatigue, leg tenderness, spider veins (cracking cilia). The most important thing is that the Veer brand also cares about your beauty. The products are extremely durable, do not let go of the mesh, made of pleasant to the touch, perfectly shape and slim figure, They are made in Siver + technology, so you will feel very comfortable and feminine all the time. Veera is a preventive line. Perfect every day. Perfect for you, because it is worth to take care of the health and beauty of your legs today.