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Il Calzificio Vaccari S.n.c. was born in 1983 as a craft business on the initiative of Henry Vaccari. Since 1986 produces stockings and tights for women and girls. The company has expanded its workforce by investing in new machinery and equipment. Qualified staff is closely following the international sales network. The company has its presence in markets: Turkey, Poland, Japan, Eastern Europe, Central and Ociidentale.Calzificio Vaccari S.n.c always attentive to the quality system, investing more and more on raw materials and new production technologies to offer its customers innovative products and cutting-edge, at prices competitive. Increasingly sophisticated machines have also allowed the manufacture of various yarnThe company produces articles attentive to fashion trends. Brands Super Gold, Louise Stockings Mev, are names that are linked to the idea of ​​fashion products. The idea of Hosiery Vaccari give all women the symbol of luxury for a time accessible to few.

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