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In 1963, Trifil was born, named after looms working with three wires. Originated Industry Scalina Socks, the brand was born in the neighborhood of Cambuci in Sao Paulo, when the founder, Ludwig Heilberg, German immigrant tailor and owner of a small production of uniform, expanded the business by producing special clothing sizes. brand, part of the Group Scalina, soon consolidated in the market of making womens stockings.Currently, the brand is Trifil reference in stockings and lingerie and is present in 18,000 outlets in all states. Leader in socks and seamless product, with over 40 years of tradition in the market, the brand has the Division of Special Yarn, which operates in the production of synthetic filament yarn, natural and artificial rectilinear for use in knitting, circular , flat weave and weaving. The brand also has three stores in Sao Paulo and Brasilia.

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