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The idea behind TOUCH was a simple one; create the softest compression socks on the market that people actually want to wear. Well, it was easier said than done, but our team dedicated themselves to the task. After testing countless types of yarns and processes, we found ourselves enamoured with the buttery smooth texture of combed cotton. Cotton fibers are specially treated before they are spun; all short threads and impurities are removed, and fibres are straightened to improve tensile strength. The result? An extremely soft, strong material that feels luxuriously smooth against the skin. And so TOUCH was born.

Once we were happy with the fabric, we moved on to selecting patterns and colors - our goal being to create stylish compression socks that blend seamlessly with your wardrobe. Our collection of timeless patterns are created using a rich blend of dyes; cool and warm neutrals can be easily matched to any casual or formal ensemble.