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Tiffany Quinn, the rising star of young fashion. Taking inspiration from some of the world's most popular trends, Tiffany Quinn's designers have launched a whole range of up-to-the-second prints, perfect for any occasion.Check our latest designs on the catalogue page. Tiffany Quinn was founded in 2010 as a manufacturer of printed tights. It currently has over 100 designs available ranging from animal prints to urban designs which will be added to range on a regular basis to keep it fresh.Our EthosTiffany Quinn is dedicated to making printed tights that are well made, affordable and creatively designed. Our designs are varied and are selected by considering what a Tiffany Quinn customer would really want to wear and what they think will look great.Tiffany Quinn tights are made with fashion trends in mind, as well as trying to create designs that are unique and have never been seen before.Tiffany Quinn's dedication to quality means that any items you receive that are faulty can be returned to the relevant retailer for a full refund. Tiffany Quinn makes sure its retailers understand that the customer comes first and their satisfaction is the most important thing. Our tights will never be sent to you with any faults, so if you have any problems with our products, feel free to contact us.