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For more than 30 years, Sugestion has been dedicated to making stockings for women. Throughout his career, he has marked his own style and obtained recognition in the market with high quality articles. Today he is proud that his products can be acquired in different parts of the country.
In Suggestion we have always proposed to meet the demands of women and fashion, constantly innovating, with the purpose of providing a product for every occasion that guarantees the safety and comfort you need.
Since our inception we have stood out for prioritizing the quality of each of the processes and materials involved in production. Our specialized team, through the study of the different fibers and textures, elaborates first line articles preserving the softness and resistance of the fabric.

We are currently honored to have the effort, dedication and commitment of many people who, since the founding of the company, chose to belong to the Sugestion family . In our factory the work is developed as a team, fostering a climate of collaboration, cordiality, respect and a strong sense of responsibility and belonging.
We are pleased with the strong commercial and cooperation ties we have built with our suppliers, customers and advisors. They are also part of this great family and have been with us all these years.
After this brief introduction, we invite you to browse our page to consult the catalog. If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. We will respond with the warmth and speed that characterizes us.