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Company Studio Collants is a dynamically developing company with many years of rich experience - manufacturer of women and children tights and stockings and lingerie.

Since the beginning of our activity we specialize in hosiery design. The style of Studio Collants products and experience in creating unique tights collection is the result of the work of qualified designers who, together with the production technologies, place emphasis on the quality and performance of individual articles, and collaborate with people who directly supervise and support the production process. Thanks to the state-of-the-art machinery park, we are the manufacturer and creator of hosiery fashion with unique capabilities, including more than 150 different designs divided into several lines.

We are one of the hottest growing companies in the hosiery industry in Europe. We fully understand our customers by being sensitive to their needs, sensitivity to beauty and aesthetics. That is why Studio Collants employees develop new designs, new solutions, embedded in the latest fashion trends and customized to the needs of our clients.

We present our models at the biggest trade events in Europe. We take part in exhibitions in Paris, Lyon, Moscow.

From the beginning of our activity we focus on comfort, elegance and high quality. Caring for precision and control at every stage of production in our modern machine park guarantees you the highest quality of our products.