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Calzificio Pinelli was founded in 1976 in Castel Goffredo, thanks to the enthusiasm of Enzo Pinelli who was able to convey the technical know-how and managerial expertise of a large hosiery industry to this new business. Calzificio Pinelli S.r.l. is an entirely family-controlled manufacturing company, following the strategies dictated by Enzo Pinelli who relies on an experienced and dynamic staff open to constant business developments.The original handicraft company has grown over the years up to what is now a large business with a constantly increasing number of collaborators.Investments in leading-edge plants, precise and attentive knowledge of the product and the raw materials have allowed innovative and superior quality articles to be designed and manufactured.Thanks to these articles Calzificio Pinelli is now at the top level in the market of therapeutic and preventive stockings, acquiring a demanding and trend-attentive public.This position is corroborated by birth of the SOLIDEA trademark in 1997, fruit of a brilliant entrepreneurial intuition by Enzo Pinelli and by courageous decisions in the almost totally unexplored field of micromassage and elastocompression.SOLIDEA, the fascination of well-being, is a CE Certified trademark and Calzificio Pinelli has ISO 9001 certification to guarantee an exclusive line of stockings and tights with special performance characteristics that meet specific requirements.SOLIDEA is a trademark born of an industrial project and a production structure at the cutting edge.Calzificio Pinelli has always invested heavily in technological development of production processes and in research at several levels, keeping it up with the times and constantly ensuring high efficiency standards.

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