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At Blue Heaven hosiery, we are aware that each customer works with a different budget and serves to a different market. Therefore, with the 3 different brands we carry, we cover all market segments and fulfill exactly each customer's desire.For More than 15 years, Sireco® has been popular on the hosiery front with its great quality, fashionable style and overall affordable prices. Most of our products in this line compare to many different major brands in quality, however are incomparable in price! The Sireco® brand includes pantyhose, tights, knee-hi's and knee socks for both, women and children. All of these styles are first quality goods, packed in the most contemporary packages and available in various sizes and colors.For year 2000, in view of our customers' request, we have expanded our Sireco® line. In addition to the exquisite styles of pantyhose and tights this collection has to offer, we now have new, supplementary styles. You might want to browse at our "Supreme Support" (#5860) ----An exceptional sheer pantyhose with great support in the legs and a firm control top. Or you may want to try our new "Sheer ‘n' Silky" (#894) ---- A control-top pantyhose which gives the legs the real silky look and provides great control at the top ----all to accommodate that latest look in hose!Just as well, our "Sireco-KIDS"® brand is currently being enhanced with our new "Children's Microfiber Tights"(#), running in seven sizes and in a variety of fashionable colors.