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Silca was established as a contracting non-industrial Dye Works' in 1954 by initiative of the brothers Piero and Franco Beldì, in an area mainly characterised by manufacturing companies.Over the years, thanks to the experience gained, the Beldì brothers broadened their horizons and started to manufacture and distribute ladies' hosiery, thus completing the company's production cycle.In the Sixties, three main lines of classical, control and fashion tights were created under the FBS brand, which were extremely successful on the specialised market. Constant technological development and a constant focus on market needs have driven the founders' decisions from the Seventies to date.Today Silca, which is led by its founders' children, continues the family's success history with increased enthusiasm, by preserving the values that have always been at the basis of its growth. The company designs, develops and internally manufactures ladies' and men's hosiery and tights. The solidity and skills of longstanding experience in the hosiery sector can be recognised particularly in special products - graduated compression, control, and technical hosiery and tights -, which require high professionalism, world-class yarns, and constant controls.One outlet store of our products is open to the public at the company's premises

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