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Yiwu City Hosiery Co. Luda (under the Hong Kong poetry Sophie Group) was founded in 1996, known as the 'International Commodity Ocean' and 'shopping paradise,' said the Yiwu. My company specializes in the production and sale of high-grade stockings after 15 years, from the initial development of several employees to become more than 1000 excellent technicians, more than 200 senior professional and domestic first-class compound talents stockings sales business. Since its inception, after years of efforts, has built a set of R & D, design, production and sales of integrated Hosiery Group. Socks now has a modern industrial park, a number of stockings production lines with international advanced level. Supporting the world's most advanced stockings weaving equipment, advanced quality testing equipment, the quality management philosophy throughout all aspects of the production process, with strict and effective quality management system to ensure to provide consumers with high-quality stockings products. Poetry soft stockings Group, which owns three core brands poetry Sophie, Chien knot, color Waugh and domestic authoritative industry experts, professional colleges, design agencies to achieve cooperation, jointly established poetry soft stockings Institute, the introduction of the design industry talents, efforts Most R & D fashion, technology, quality products, leading the international fashion trends stockings, no copy of the brand to build competitiveness. Stockings have become synonymous with fashion, poetry group brand pattern has gorgeous soft transition from product concept design era to era, poetry Sophie will create a new industry benchmark brand stockings. 'High quality, consciousness first' perfect woman concerned advocate low-carbon, personalized, comfortable living new space, adhere to create high-quality stockings dress culture, soft poetic achievement unique brand value. Poetry Sophie Group's development is very fast, in terms of the contribution rate of science and technology industry brand contribution rate made ​​important contributions. In the process of brand development has made ​​outstanding honors, won the poetry CCTV soft stockings only official website. Gold booth Hosiery partner, 'China Famous Trademark', 'Chinese famous brand product quality notary top socks', 'Zhejiang Province' and many other honors; product design and development in the field of poetry soft stockings every year hundreds Group Innovation a flower type, style, and a number of product patents. Sophie poetry Hosiery Industry Group industry to become China's leading brand, has been walking in the forefront of fashion and trends of domestic Hosiery, in their own unique product positioning and design features, the sections Song of concentration gorgeous work that was presented to the public, comprehensive meet the pursuit of the perfect female consumers wearing life emotional and brand value. 2009 - 2012 poem Sophie Group has signed big Asian superstar 'Han Xue,' a popular film and television actress, 'Chen purple letter' respectively endorsement poetry Sophie Group brands, with top stars in the international film and television's influence, extraordinary elegance, sexy Royalton's image, open the pinnacle of Chinese poetry Sophie Group summit stockings brand fashion era. Group of relying on market resources poem Sophie complementary strengths regional business development of the national agency, currently has sales agents have been in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi'an, Tianjin, Kunming, Harbin and other 150 regions in the country more than 300 large, the city set up brand stores and primary, secondary wholesalers than 1000. Brand and channel advantages combination, with quality products and perfect sales network system rewards female consumers, while riding from numerous international customers, products exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East more than 20 countries and regions.