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Mayfair Tech Inc.Mayfair Tech Inc. (Mayfair), a Canadian corporation established specifically to launch ShaToBu(tm), is an affiliate of Doris Hosiery Mills. Mayfair was created to bring to life Dr. Denise Perron's vision of shapewear with built-in resistance training to help women fit exercise effortlessly into their day. This vision became a reality with the manufacturing expertise of Doris Hosiery Mills. Combining talents, a revolutionary new technology was born: ShaToBu - The Workout You Wear(tm).To ensure the success of ShaToBu, Mayfair invested heavily in the necessary research to not only meet and exceed women's expectations in wearing shapers in terms of comfort and style, but to also provide scientific proof to confirm claims of muscle toning and caloric burn. Mayfair's investment in ShaToBu included the following:The Science - independent scientific studies conducted at both U.S. and Canadian Universities substantiate the performance of the product, including the claims for shaping, toning and calorie burn.Branding - focus groups were professionally hypnotized in order to learn consumers' true objections to shaping products. The results of those studies enabled Mayfair to construct a shaper overcoming those objections.Manufacturing - Over the course of nearly three years of testing and trials on state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, ShaToBu was perfected to not only provide optimal shaping, toning and calorie burning benefits, but was also a shaper comfortable enough to wear all day every day.A little about Doris Hosiery MillsDoris Hosiery Mills, the fourth largest hosiery manufacturer in North America, is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. Established in 1955, Doris has been privately held for the past 2 generations. Doris has a successful track record in launching and developing new brands, including Kushyfoot, Dream Soles, TherapyPlus and Secret Pantyhose, Socks & Shapewear, as well as manufacturing for a number of prestigious private label customers.

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