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Soon after apearing on the market, thanks to its hard working team, A and T 2004 LTD is now one of the most reputable companies in Bulgaria, supporting high quality for their production - socks and tights. These products are recognizable because of their elegant and trendy style, luxurious and stylish models, especially designed for the clients and the European requirements. One of our goals is perpetual development and new products, higher effectivity, efficiency and competitive power in A and T 2004 LTD and adequate production for the European market.A and T 2004 LTD is now focused on Bulgarian market and some of the other European countries. These markets are perspective and developing, just as ours company is. We make our own research on the market and succeeded to fulfill the demands. Our aim is to achieve greater amount of commercial partners and to reach more markets. During the past few years the supply and demand for patterned tights, especially the luxurious ones is higher.Our product distribution is entrusted with our distributors for tights (other Bulgarian companies, wholesalers), owning shopping centers in 12 of the biggest cities in the country. A and t 2004 LTD is also a supplier for a lot of European companies like Carrefour (France), Kapetanios (Greece) and others. Our market strategy in the mid-term run is expanding our market into the European market.Our technological process/producing process in A and T 2004 LTD pass over these stages:1. Knitting - the master-knitter is knitting every part on a machine for producing tights2. Fixation - every part is fixed, so that we have the right length for the tights3. Reversing - this stage is hand made and the tights are prepared for the next stage of production4. Sewing - the toes are sewed5. Reversing - the tights are reversed inside out6. Tailoring - every part is tailored7. Sewing - the two parts of the tights are sewed with overlock for the classic models or with lock stitch (for the patterned tights)8. Colouration - this stage is done with a colouration machine, so that we have the exact colour, according to the fashion trends9. Smoothing out - tights are smoothed out on electrical stand for smoothing10. Packing - tights are wrapped up to carton, then in an envelope, after that we put a sticker for the size and colour and they are ready for selling