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Our company Luropas del dottor Molinari & C. S.r.l. has been operating on the Italian market and abroad since 1977, distributing through pharmacies, sanitary and orthopaedic shops a full assortment of sanitary and orthopedic products with its own famous trademarks: Scudotex, Rekordsan e Scudovaris, that include post surgical and classic elastic belts, orthopedic corsets, graduated compression elastic hosiery for women, medical hosiery, compressive girdles, body corsets, bras, slimming garments and many other items for the wellness and body care.In addition to its own brands, Luropas del dottor Molinari & C. S.r.l. represents in Italy the following trademarks:Tecnoped: a full range of orthopedic arch supports, anatomic insoles and articles for the foot care;Daga: a complete line of electric heating pads;Biotap: a full range of ear plugs.On the national market, Luropas del dottor Molinari & C. S.r.l operates through the best pharmacies, sanitary and orthopaedic shops, thanks to its own sales organization.Luropas del dottor Molinari & C. S.r.l operates abroad in many countries through the cooperation of national local distributors.