Scala Shapewear

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Scalina Grupo (SCALA) manufacturers high quality ladies clothing (with the emphasis on lingerie and hosiery) and has two exclusively owned factories in Brazil. The group directly employs over 5000 people and have been making superior garments for over 45 years. Their machine technology produces seamless garments which are second to none. All of their garments come from the two factories in Brazil - nothing is outsourced and SCALA do not make clothing for any other brand.

In the UK SCALA are famous for their highly acclaimed Anti-Cellulite shapewear and leggings, using their Bio-Fir technology. Millions of these garments have been sold worldwide and demand continues to grow. Many competitors have attempted to copy the anti-cellulite benefits but only with SCALA's technology can customers be assured that the ingredient is effective and will not wash out. SCALA is, as a result, THE trusted brand for quality, seamless anti-cellulite lingerie.