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The products
The offer San Giacomo offers a full range of classic and fashion, covering the whole of the seasons: the former are available at all times thanks to a delivery service in real time, while for products Fashion, the philosophy is to of the collections presented twice a year, every time that follows fashion.

The constant care of the quality of each product together with the constant research of new materials and new manufacturing technologies are the real strength of the company that continuously offers its products following the evolution of the consumer, according to a logic that in the first place puts the comfort , followed by taste and fashion trends. The yarns used are the most natural and precious, soft wool, mohair and cashmere, cotton and viscose in winter; silks, mercerized cotton thread and Scotland in the summer. The use of Lycra in different models completes the offer for those seeking a highly elastic.

the distribution
Sangiacomo is mainly distributed in Italy through a sales team of selected agents: the preferred channel is to detail the average end where the brand is present with an average ranking high with a value / price paid by the final consumer as extremely high.