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We are a leading company in the textile sector, dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of Sox, Tees and Wear Control. Our clients are comprised of large stores, medium and small distributors, points of sale and specialized independent Mail Order Companies. To achieve this mission we have a team of collaborators committed to the purposes of the Organization. Our main objective is to provide the consumer with quality comfortable clothing, basic and fashionable ideal for every occasion. We serve the Colombian market and our expansion process, we have entered other countries such as Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico and the United States. We provide our shareholders and partners security of a company growing, financially solid with high projection in time, always sheltered in values ​​such as ethics, welfare of our employees, respect for the community and preserving the environment.SAMSARA TODAYToday, SAMSARA is the most recognized brand in the category of women's stockings, and great projection in the category of t-shirts and onesies. Distributed in more than 1500 points in the country, in 4 own stores, 12 stores in alliance and in 7 Latin American countries. Textiles Velanex through their brand SAMSARA agrees with the Colombian society campaigns and foundations as not to trafficking, Foundation soul has no color, Fundación Hogar San Mauricio, Colombian Red Cross has also contributed to employment generation going to create 30 direct jobs in 1992 to 250 in 2010.

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