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Razzamatazz is the No.1 name in legwear with Australian women choosing Razzamatazz more than any other brand. In fact one pair of Razzamatazz is sold every 4 seconds!With a wide range of styles to meet every legwear need. From beautiful sheers with various brief types and leg finishes to velvety soft opaques in a variety of weights to fun fashion patterned tights and the latest legging trends.Razzamatazz has been loved by Australian women for almost 40 years. The famous television commercials through the 70s and 80s launched the iconic Razzamatazz girl who personifies the youthful, fun and flirty nature of the brand...and most importantly she's back this year with a new soundtrack and fresh new look, challenging girls to not hide away in jeans and pants but to Take your Legs Out and see the Razzamatazz effect for themselves!Today a new generation of Razzamatazz girls is discovering the latest range designed for all their legwear needs. From undetectable ultra-bare sheers that are the perfect alternative to fake tan, to clever boot tights with a cosy sock to the latest patterned tights that are set to turn heads from day into night.