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YESTERDAY - SOCKS SINCE 1969......on that date, in fact, Calzificio Prisco was founded in Brescia, the internationally recognized man hosiery industrial district, due to the work of Mr. Alfredo Prisco, current factory managing director and spirit-guide of the whole company that includes, in addition to the main company, Calzificio Punto and Proctor S.r.l.. Ever since there was a continuous growth of proposed products and commercialized brands, characterized by Made in Italy quality.Today, Prisco family manages the Company under the sign of that continuity typical of the family-owned firms that marks the excellence of Italian business capacity.TODAY - SOCKS AGAIN!Calzificio Prisco rises in Lograto (BS) in a complex of 15.000 square meters, recently enlarged with a new annex of 6.000 square meters. The production, equal to 10/12.000.000 socks per year, is carried-out entirely in Italyappealing to craftsmen/third party manufacturers in the area of Brescia. Thanks to a capacity of more than 500 machines, each season Calzificio Prisco presents more than 300 articles in various lady, children, baby and sport patterns: the extent and the depth of samples are one of the strong points, along with logistics competence up to guarantee availability and fast, punctual and efficient daily shipments. Quality of customers portfolio, increased and optimized over the years, allows the company to be one of the most preeminent players on the market in the same way as best competitors.