Prestige  Logo
We proudly defend and protect the Made in Italy label as an absolute quality and guarantee brand name, the development of a sustainable economy that respects the environment and the survival of the small artisan realities. If all these years we could resist the temptation of the low cost production , we will also avoid to do it in the future. It is not certainly a secret that low cost dislocated production is not part of our culture. We are proud to be Italian not only for our artistic wonders but mostly for our historic artisan knowledge on how the yarns are being worked. Our production chain is entirely Italian and each item produced by Calzficio Prestige has got its own DNA that lives and transmits the story of whom wears it. Each of our creation sums up the experience of our collaborators together with the use of a state-of-the-art technology capable to ensure the highest quality employing exclusively first choice yarns. Our daily sacrifice to defend the Made in Italy is intended to affirm an elegant product of high quality but at the right price. We put forward all our energy and passion because we believe in our talent entirely Italian.