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Company Ponti was founded in 1987 and produces a wide range of hosiery for men, women and children.Company's corporate culture is based on professionalism, expertise and teamwork of specialists. These factors create a significant potential for progress and the dynamics of the company.The company is equipped with modern Italian and Czech knitting equipment, automatic sewing lines of Japanese, English and German origin. Ponti uses raw materials leading European manufacturers, Lycra and Tactel from the company INVISTA , which allows production of women's stockings and socks of different density and rich colors, for men stockings and socks, children's tights, stockings and socks the most vivid colors. Ponti has permission from the company INVISTA on the use of logos Lycra and Tactel .The company products Ponti has high demand due to the unique combination of cost and quality. Using the latest technology in manufacturing, as well as recent developments in the nylon and elastic fibers allows the firm Ponti produce an excellent product that meets the tastes of even the most demanding consumers.The key to the best possible result is also a quality control throughout the manufacturing process and packaging.Success Ponti is a great advertisement, skilful marketing, effective management in respect of distributors as well as a quick response to the changes and demands of the market.We thank you for choosing Ponti . your choice are more than 130 kinds of high-quality fibers. Ponti - European quality established in Moldova.