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History The beginnings of the company date back to 1927 when the Swiss industrialist Albert Reiser started making the first socks and stockings in the small town of Polzela. Already before World War II the company employed 350 workers and produced over 1.8 million pairs of socks and stockings. In the 1905s, the company produced the first stockings from artificial silk wich was a fashion hit at that time. Past experiences and constant investments in development enabled Polzela to be the first in the former Yugoslavia to produce tights called Peggy. This name is still today a synonym for quality tights. From Slovenia's independence in 1991 Polzela is continuously strengthening its presence in the markets of Western and South East Europe and also in more remote markets. Mission We provide our customers with high quality comfort, health protection, sports and recreational inspiration, and especially an aesthetic experience inspired by emerging new trends. The high quality of our products satisfies even the most tastes and exceeds the expectations of customers. With aesthetic perfection we help shaping the lifestyle of confident women and man. Vision Polzela sock factory, d.d. will become the leading brand of fashionable and medical socks and stockings in Europe. Polzela's socks and stockings are designed for confident women and men who value quality, aesthetics and superior comfort. When preparing the finest threads, designing the curves of patterns and selecting the palettes of colours we are driven by fashion audacity, imagination and a sense of aesthetics-wich are also the values of our customers. In our world the best materials, a long tradition, ecological awareness, knowledge, perfectionism and the care for health and for our youngest interweave. We are inspired by our loyal customers with whom we march forward into the comfort of aesthetic experiences. Values Values help shaping the company's mission and vision and accompany us every day, at our every step.

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