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Every woman will agree with us that the question " how to begin this morning? " - Can be answered unequivocally: no, not with a cup of coffee , and with the thought of lingerie. Every day , as soon as his eyes open , knowing that you have to choose from the existing set , no doubt, in the locker room , most comfortable , most comfortable , most beautiful bra that fits under the present version of the clothing that is sure to accentuate its shape , allocate available charms female figure , or hide , adjust under this costume. We set a goal - " I must look like today? " And this is not only a form byustaltera but also its color , certainly expresses your present mood and rhythm action . It is important to be sure to come under the bra color schemes and fabrics women's panties. After all, this is part of the wardrobe , which is directly adjacent to the soft , silky skin women .Trademark Polina first and main task set itself - to take into account in the production quality. Therefore , used in the production of natural tissue. Only soft lace elastic fibers , which when worn will not create discomfort , rubbing his touch . All brand products Polina certified. Brand products Polina: lingerie , bras, panties , pantyhose and stockings - is spreading rapidly in the markets of the country, as guaranteed money line of products provided .