Pocket Collant

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Pocket Collant is the ideal solution for the sudden runs. It often happens of being outside house, on public transports or in car, to the job and breaking the stockings. and not always a change is had within reach. If you are women whom they want to be always impeccable and gone of haste this producing is what ago for you. A fast solution, Mayday, pocket, within reach, without to renounce to the quality. The attention on produced and the cure of the detail and the finishes are must fundamental, every single pantyhose are controlled three times during the productive cycle, in order to guarantee an impeccable result.
Thought for it has the immediate urgency to replace own ruined pantyhose, without to wait for timetables of opening of the stores or to find a store of stockings. Enough to find a newspaper stand or tobaccos and the game it is made. Moreover the low cost comes encounter also to those careful women to the costs without to lose sight of the quality of the produced one.

Available in two various tonalities: black veiled, perfect for every occasion, and neutral for a natural effect the pantyhose it is still only thanks to its pleasant perfume.