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Platino brand can deservers to be named of being one of the oldest in the Spanish market: its founding in 1921, the year in which begins to manufacture socks and silk rayon seam, in the manner of the time. Since then, the company philosophy has been to offer the market a quality product, innovative and in line with the latest fashion trends.In 1949 Platino again a pioneer in its field, being the first Spanish company to incorporate nylon stockings to your designs. From there innovations occur almost every year: in 1966 comes the first idea of panty, Jenny Platino , a model that would perfect the next year, while also introducing new fabrics, thanks to research at the sector, which allow for greater transparency, softness and elasticity.Platino professionalized all these developments in 1980, when it creates the R & D and design to drive fancy stockings: heels dwindling, zigzags , hexagons, pyramid seams, etc..Coinciding with this momentum to internal development of the brand, Platino also undertakes the jump to internationalization. International Platino born in 1985 in Brussels, to try to respond to the demand of the Northern European countries. Back in the 90s, Platino starts export to some countries in Asia such as Japan, Taiwan and Korea.In 1998 Platino expands its product range with the line Underwear for men and women, whose items are all manufactured without seams and soft and comfortable materials.Currently, Platino exports to over 15 countries in Europe, Asia and America. The brand also goes to various trade fairs like the Salon International de la Lingerie (Paris), Mode City (Lyon) and CPM (Moscow).

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