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In a world of Global Companies and impersonal ones, of Industry clusters and Financial Enterprises, Pierre Mantoux can definitely call itself a Family Brand because it is the expression of a family of enterpreneurs successfully into its 4th generation. Pierre Mantoux is the luxury brand that offers hosiery collections, knitwear, nightwear, loungewear, swimwear and beachwear and fashion accessories always in accordance with the hottest fashion trends.The collections come to life in a context of uncompromising quality, thanks to the ongoing devotion and personal attention historically reserved to the Brand by the family of the Founders and the present share-holders, in an extraordinary entrepreneurial continuty.To be a Family Brand means, in fact, to feel responsible towards the Trade, the Distributors, the Consumers, of every single article introduced to the market. It means to be the custodians of quality and to personally vouch for the complete satisfaction of the consumer.

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