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Pierre Cardin socks now in Turkey!Pierre Cardin women's socks, elegance and charm, elegance and self-presented to Turkish consumers who want to feel different. Which may affect the entire fashion, with the highest level of quality and service standards Pierre Cardin socks, starting in January of 2009, women's socks, children's socks and began to take place in exclusive stores of all varieties.Pierre Cardin ladies' socks are consumed in three different categories:- Classic tights and trouser socks; Traditionally, all the women they use in their daily lives, wool, cotton, lycra and nylon rope of which has been produced to date and fashionable colors, high quality standards, panty hose, stockings and trousers.- Pierre Cardin fashion collection tights, continuous lines and designs that reflect the current fashion trends, colors and patterns that shape design professionals in the fashion, the result of painstaking work and trouser socks panty hose that consists of a wide range.- Pierre Cardin socks health series; checks performed by expert doctors, the benefits of which have been identified and recommended for use, capable of soothing and relaxing massage of tights and trouser socks series.

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