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ProfileCalzificio Pezzini Srl is the result of the commitment and work of the family Pezzini from 1965 to present. The family now in its third generation, driving a company specializing in the development, production and distribution of socks and tights of all types with a focus on natural fibers.A constant and careful design research and design, a relationship of mutual collaboration with its customers, the greatest attention to their needs and finally the use of high quality materials, are the key points that have made possible the development and success company Philosophy.

The quality is always at the center of all our projects and guides us in the development of products for private label and branded products Pezzini that are distributed in Italy and Europe. Careful control of all raw materials, highly skilled staff and a fleet of the latest generation allow us to be good representatives of Made in Italy known and appreciated throughout the world.The environment is a priority for our company, all farm facilities are made according to the latest environmental directives, also in recent years the company has made a strong campaign to promote products made of natural fibers, which now characterize us throughout the European market, all in the name of environmental sustainability and human health.