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For over 25 years, PANI TERESA MEDICA SA has been creating and providing orthopaedic products, which facilitate rehabilitation and full recovery after experienced injuries and procedures, as well as hosiery compression products, which support the treatment of the chronic venous insufficiency of legs.

The Research and Development Department of PANI TERESA MEDICA SA has been doing its best to ensure that all the products are created with the state-of-the-art technological solutions, carefully selected top quality raw materials and with the application of restrictive norms of quality management. Thanks to the medical consultations and the analyses of various patient needs, we are still able to create new solutions which help thousands of people to cope with the inconveniences related to the disease. Every finished product undergoes detailed quality tests before it is displayed in medical shops and chemists’ across Poland as well as in many other European countries.

Every single day we put all our effort into ensuring comfort and safe recovery to health to our customers.

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