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In 1914 Louis Palmers put the cornerstone of a company name in Vienna, which has based its success with progressively notable achievements in products and services. Nowadays Palmers Textile AG is one of the leading firms in lingerie with over 300 points sold in 15 countries worldwide and is dominant in the Austrian market where the brand enjoys an excellent reputation and very high publicity. Having a philosophy of high quality and style at competitive prices, but also thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit and openness to new developments, the Palmers are not only a modern company but also a friendly and highly popular brand which, more than any other company in the field of lingerie is always dominant trends in knowing how to create sensual and sophisticated products for men and women looking for something special. Apart of high quality and aesthetics of the product, what it does separate the Palmers are very personal, professional and excellent service. This is confirmed by the renowned Consumer voting which brings the Palmers in the first place as reference the Personal Index (Friendliness, skill and dedication of the staff) and the Customer Orientation. According to the «Economical Journal» The Palmers is among the top companies based on its appearance, environment, quality of products, specialized staff and excellent service. Palmers In Greece has 4 stores with latest acquisition in the store shopping center The Mall Athens. Palmers The rich features and Modern Women Men Collection which is updated 2 times a year and also has a Classic Collection of women's and men's underwear which is available throughout the year. At our store you can find all collection of Palmers which includes among other things: - Lingerie - Clothing Nightwear Clothes - Home - Socks - Swimwear and beachwear addition to our stores you will find products and other companies with a dominant position in the lingerie world like: Spanx, Zimmerli, Verdianni, Guess, Ritratti etc.

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