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ownbrown is designed to be close to you. We care about high quality, easy to wear tights and lingerie that give you the license to be carefree and beautiful. Tone-matched to perfection so your own brown radiates.


Nadine, CEO of Ownbrown says "Ownbrown was born out of frustration back in 2015. I could not find skin coloured tights to wear to court, let alone skin coloured lingerie to wear under professional dresses or white shirts.

As one of the few black female lawyers in Switzerland, I did not want to be seen for my body, nor show off my underwear in such an environment. I wanted to be seen as and treated as professional as my male and female counterparts. Having the right lingerie and hosiery helps you choose your perfect outfit for the day, which in turn helps you to start the day confidently and positively.

I think freedom and confidence are beautiful presents and everyone deserves to feel that way."


From London to Lagos, women all over the world embrace their own brown. Let your own style take centre stage with truly nude tights.

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