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The company M.C. Garef was founded in Voltido (Cremona) in 1973 and began production of the brand Ose in 1980.The brand Ose was able to quickly and significantly impact the market thanks to the high quality of their products and the understanding of the perfect balance between quality and price, and its exclusive distribution of its wares to only the finest of specialized shops.In a few years, Ose becomes one of the most important brands in Italy and the penetration in the foreign markets happens just as fast. First, the Mediterranean countries, then the rest of Europe, and later the countries overseas who begin to discover the pleasure of these luxury tights that perfectly describe the taste, creativity and the competence that distinguish the "made in Italy" label known all around the world.Today, the brand Ose is able to meet the taste of the most exigent consumer and to satisfy our customers is our main purpose. The expansion of sales did not change the philosophy of our company in that we continue to take care of our products with attention and competence: every single pantyhose is produced with precious and innovative yarns, dyed with hypoallergenic colors and packed by hand piece by piece in order to guarantee our customers the best quality control. Every product is delicately scented and refined with great precision and we never get tired of improving on the results we have already achieved.