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Knittex Company has been created in 1982 and during almost 30 years has managed to become one of the most significant producers of hosiery goods on polish market.There are over 100 different products in our offer. The vast possibilities we owe to the modern machinery, use of the high quality, certified yarns as well as the team of specialists and technologists who permanently enrich and improve our products.We try to fulfil the expectations of every single woman - in all ages and all sizes. We produce: plain and patterned, sheer and opaque tights, knee-highs, socks and stockings.Knittex introduced a new, exclusive line of NOA Prestige Line, which has a very high standard of workmanship. To produce models of this series, we use the highest quality yarn. Special knitting technology ensures extended durability. This line is designed for exceptional women who appreciate luxury and prestige.