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Shape it and show it: your body is a splendour to the eye! That’s why we've spent countless hours at our drawing table, joined by many trials and errors, to design a shapewear product that actually DO-feel comfortable to wear.

Now, that may sound like a fantasy to every woman who wears shapewear on a regular basis. And yet… make no mistake! There's more to shapewear than just a delicate, stretchy piece of cloth with a shaping waistband. Our NO-MI shapewear proves it, thousands of women endorse it.

Ever since we established our brand, we have made it our mission to merge femininity and fashion with the technique of high quality shapewear – tights and more. Not just for the sake of the products themselves, but for the woman who wears it. It's our way of supporting you. Quite literally, in fact.

Most of our products have their origin in Italy and all of them are produced on the best italian knitting machines in the world( Santoni, Lonati, Sangiacomo). We hope you will enjoy our products which gives you a confident and feminin feeling.