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We are young, dynamic and progressive artistic company. Our main occupation and most popular products are hand-painted tights. In addition to that, we are also hand-painting other garments.

The idea is to create different and unique fashion style where even a small piece of wardrobe, like tights, can tell the story. We paint worlds from our imagination but also very realistic motives from world around us. Also, customers can tell us their story so we can add some elements and motives that are dear and important to them into our existing models, or make entirely new design for their story in our style.

Products that are in stock, ready for shipping can be found in collection Currently Available, but they will be available only in one size, and for all other sizes you can make a pre-order. All other models that are sold can still be ordered. To make a pre-order, send us an e-mail through our contact form on Contact us page and we will paint the model of your choice in desired size. When your ordered product is finished, we will send you a photograph and make the item available in our shop, and after your confirmation and payment, product will be shipped to your desired address the next business day.

Movanas brand exists from 2010 and from its beginning advanced a lot and still keeps growing and innovating. Our company is located in Belgrade, Serbia, but now selling online over the globe.

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