Mirey Paris

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When I was a kid, I liked draw during hours...
I learnt to draw by copying out magazines Vogue and Elle !
I already liked fashion...
My first memorable creation was a banana dress and a strawberry dress , I was 7 years old...
Ten years after that, I join a school of art. I learn paint, drawing, computer graphics, fabric printing...
I expose paintings in Bordeaux then I settle down in Paris.
I collaborate with craftsmen and designer.
I decide to create my brand : Mirey.
I love Paris, Roaring twenties, sailors tattoo, russian folk art, american pin up, pop art and the surrealists.
My work is a mix of all of that.
Tattoo tights are a wink to surrealism because I play with "trompe-l'oeil" and woman body. The result is funny but it's also very feminine...and sexy !​