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"At Denateksa PLC (Private Limited Company), for more than 10 years now we have been producing women's leggings, tights, knee high socks, socks, ankle socks ('footsies') and shoe try-on socks.We export most of our production and we are proud that we are trusted by some of the best-known companies in Europe, which are helping our products to reach as many women as possible.The team of professionals who work for our Company, as well as our demanding clients, encourage us to be open to new ideas, to react flexibly to market fluctuations and, above all, to constantly improve. We are pleased that our annually increasing production capacity enables us to meet new challenges.The essential strategic direction of our activity is to be a strong participant in the international market and to be appreciated by our clients for our quality products, our rapid reaction to changes in fashion and market trends and our flexibility in collaboration.Our fundamental goal is to produce goods of high quality and to satisfy our clients' desires and demands.Our motto is: "Like a second skin on your legs." This aptly summarises our aim: the most important thing is for our products to be comfortable for women."