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Milavitsa is one of the best-known lingerie brands in the CIS and a market-leader in Russia and Belarus. It is aimed at the middlemarket segment with wide assortment of classical, fashion and beachwear collections carried from season to season. Target group is women of 25-55 years old. Main markets are Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries. Distribution is organized through wholesale and different mono- and multibrand stores, including Milavitsa retail chains. The Milavitsa product portfolio includes bras, knickers, shapewear, nightwear, homewear and swimwear.

The Milavitsa collection is divided into three categories: classic, fashion and beachwear. The basis of the classic collection is formed by a large variety of everyday styles, combining the basics of classical design, comfortable construction and functional materials. Milavitsa brand has extremly wide size and cup scale from 70A to 120F. Milavitsa is an expert in creating the styles of large sizes (up to 120F). Fashion and beachwear collections are created for every season, following the fashion trends in design, materials and accessories.

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