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One of the newest hosiery brands in Greece. Offers hosiery for women, men and kids.

The Greek company "ME-WE" has been carefully planning its every step since 2013 and has become one of the most recognized Greek companies in the hosiery industry with a nationwide sales network.

"ME-WE" consists of people with years of experience in fashion and production, and cooperates with some of the top and largest factories in Europe. This attention given to both its human resources and suppliers, has brought "ME-WE" at the heart of the preference of Greek consumers.

The specialized workforce of "ME-WE" supervises all the stages of production, from the creation of an ideal product to the achievement of an intimate relationship with its customers. "ME-WE" is considered to be a company with a competitive price-quality ratio and a company which constantly evolves by following upcoming tastes and trends to cover the most demanding consumers.