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Here at MeMoi, we believe in celebrating every woman's body.The right shapewear, hosiery or foot accessory could mean everything. It can make or break an outfit, add the right touches to your everyday wardrobe, but most importantly, accentuate the natural beauty that is already there. It will make you feel beautiful. It gives you an extra boost of confidence, making you look and feel your best every day.With that in mind, coupled with unparalleled expertise in the field and the passion to discover more innovative products for the ever changing market, lies the core foundation of MeMoi.Developed by top industry experts with true understanding of your needs.Founded after years of extensive and continuing research using only state-of-the-art fabrics and techniques, MeMoi houses a wide array of women's shapewear, hosiery and other body accents to suit women from all ages and body sizes. We are founded on the principle that every woman is beautiful--and that our products should be no less than perfect as well. We have hired some of the world's leading experts in design, garment technology and fashion to keep the company always abreast with today's top trends in style and functionality. We are leaving the competition behind with legwear and shapewear that's innovative, well thought out, and bears the unique MeMoi stamp of balancing form and function perfectly.MeMoi's SlimMe, SlimLuxe and SlimX-- The Revolutionary Way to a Sexier New YouWe here at MeMoi don't just follow trends, we set them. We raise the bar higher in the shapewear industry with our modern and sophisticated SlimMe, SlimLuxe and SlimX Shapewear Collections. Our lines proudly boasts of tagless, simple and seamless staples that work wonders in emphasizing your body naturally. Gone are the olden days when shapewear meant "uncomfortable" and "restrictive". Trimming, tucking and toning has never been this streamlined and easy. For MeMoi, it's all about giving women ultramodern shapewear that they'll actually fall in love with over and over again, giving dramatic results at very friendly price points.This design philosophy has truly put us a step ahead.Rediscover, appreciate and love your body more than ever with SlimMe, SlimLuxe and SlimX Shapewear!MeMoi Tights, Socks, Pantyhose, and Foot Solutions- Step Into Style and ComfortA lot of people firmly believe that nothing gets sexier than a pair of incredible gams. Dress up your legs with the perfect marriage of style and comfort with Memoi's extensive line of legwear products. With our thorough knowledge of the season's hottest trends and must-haves, we have carefully crafted a line of stylish and comfortable line-up of quality tights, socks, pantyhose and foot solutions tailor-fit for the discerning tastes of today's fashionista. From cashmere tights to trendy patterned socks and legwarmers, we not only dress your feet up well-- we do so in style.MeMoi- All About New and Exciting Possibilities in Form and FunctionWhether you're on the hunt for a perfect pair of control top shapewear to go perfectly with your body-hugging dress, or frilly leg confections to dress up your favorite pair of heels, you've come to the right place. Treat your body or show some love to your friend, mother or sister by purchasing a carefully-crafted piece from MeMoi-- you'll be sure to never look back to your old brand again.

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