Medias Trouville

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Founded in 1947 in the City of Buenos Aires, in order to produce high quality stockings and international design at an affordable price for consumers around the country.

Conceived as a family business, thanks to the constant efforts of its founders, manages to be recognized today as one of the largest factories in the country.

Since 1950 it is PIONEERING in the use of new raw materials such as nylon, spandex and microfiber, replacing monofilament yarn and silk.

In 1960 they replaced the flat circular machines, and are the first to manufacture the average NETWORK in the country, confirming the innovative spirit of the firm.

Since 1970, thanks to investment in Italian machines, is distinguished as the company greater diversity in women 's stockings, consolidated since that time "Magicians of the Sox Fantasies" by the multiplicity of means of drawing and colors.

Today, having endured the various economic crises that occurred in our country, thank customers and the daily effort of our people, is recognized by the superiority of their products , providing in a timely manner throughout the country.

This leadership is built through the efforts and dedication of its founders and from the values ​​that have always maintained and characterized the work of all these years.

For these reasons and with a clear vision to become leaders in the manufacture and marketing of textile products, today more than ever the company takes the challenge to continue growing, bringing new products to market: shirts, pants, underwear and lingerie.