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Matex d.o.o is a company, established in 1995, producing fine ladies’ pantyhose, tights and socks. Over the years it has grown into a company which now has 330 employees. Grouped in one unit with a KNITTING DEPARTMENT, SEWING DEPARTMENT, DYEING DEPARTMENT, FINISHED GOODS WAREHOUSE AND PRINTING DEPARTMENT, our products are equal in characteristics and quality to the products of all other manufacturers and wholesalers both in Europe and in the domestic market and the markets of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia.95% of Matex’s output goes to foreign markets, primarily Germany and Holland, from where it is distributed throughout all the countries of the European Union. In the domestic market the products are sold through large retail outlets such as: Metro Cash & Carry, Idea, Mercator S, Angropromet, Valdi, KTC as well as a whole range of supermarkets, shops and boutiques. What distinguishes Matex from other domestic wholesalers is the uniform pricing structure that ensures an equal position for all purchasers, as well as a warehouse and head-office in Subotica which ensure fast and easy delivery of goods to all customers. Today a whole range of our products are available, now well-known in the marketplace, the most notable being CINDY, LORENA, PALOMA, and CHANEL as well as our ANNABELLA range of high quality lycra tights. Besides our Basic Program of women's stockings, last year we introduced an expanded range of products with items from our Fashion Program which comprises tights and knee high stockings of various patterns, thicknesses and colours. Each season we add new items to our range in keeping with the latest fashions. As for menswear, we have high quality cotton socks in various patterns and colours, with stylish sports versions. From our children's range, see our patterned tights in a wide range of colours, for the 0-14 age group