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MARIE CLAIRE brand decade after decade has been consolidated as a brand in all concerning fashion, adapting and renewing its style and getting to have a stable and high position within the national and international market.MARIE CLAIRE is designed for all women who seek elegance and femininity. Its essence the glamor and style is feminine and perfectly suited to the daily needs of each woman. Offering a wide range of possibilities that allows each woman have her own style, unique and personal.Elegant and cosmopolitan, stylish and glamorous women so MARIE CLAIRE.An urban woman, practical and elegant at once. The collections are created by a design team that is always on the latest fashion trends, creative and innovative team.Each season presents the latest fashion trends with an extensive collection of pantyhose and stockings fantasy, socks, intimate, pajamas and bath.Collections of personal style and adapted to new trends, colors and textiles ...It aims to meet the needs of every woman that is always in continual creation, devising new products of high quality and innovation.MARIE CLAIRE SA is a Spanish company that manufactures and produces the entire range of products in Spain: tights, stockings, socks, leggings, skinny jeans, intimate ... which results in quality, design and innovation. This is a differential value that brings wealth and welfare of our country and also is a leader in the market.

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