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Malerba is one of the oldest hosiery and lingerie brands in Italy. The company is both nationally and internationally known for excellent quality products. It is designed to offer first-quality, elegant and innovative products in line with the latest fashion trends.
Malerba hosiery brand was launched in Varese (Italy) in 1926 and in the 50′s became a leader in the production of socks, tights and underwear for the whole family. The quality of material, the design of the leaders in Hosiery manufacturers, including the unique design stockings 'Contenella' and the anti-slip socks 'Without Shoes' and 'Safe Steps'.In the 80′s Malerba became sponsors of 'Gymmos'. It has been famous for bold Gabel and Gloria Paul in the 50′s and 60′s Malerba 'Caroselli' Malerba and Simona Ventura in 90′s.

Today Malerba Group produces and sells all kind of hosiery including socks, tights, lingerie and underwear, nightwear and home wear, beachwear and home textiles. It reported a huge success over the years and never stops searching for new trends, ideas and technological improvements to stay on top.In 2011 Malerba launched its franchising project in order to open 100 new Malerba store around the globe.

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