Lora Grig

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LORA GRIG is a new ambitious project which includes different models of exclusive swimwear and beachwear, and also luxury hosiery segment. Each model from LORA GRIG collection is a masterpiece of delicate and elegant style. Manufacturing of swimming suits and beachwear is a rather difficult and high professionalism process, therefore only leading Italian designers are working out with each product very carefully and thinking through of each even small detail. Italian fabrics, hand made, exclusive elements of decor, crystals, tails, color palette…all it makes LORA GRIG collections unique and unforgettable.Who is she, LORA GRIG? Sophisticated Signora or sensible Frau, excited Mademoiselle or cosmopolitan girl? LORA GRIG is a new and fresh trend for the connoisseurs of beachwear and swimwear fashion.

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